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Purchase Elementary School

5th Graders on Their Way to LMK MS

The Harrison Central School District proudly celebrated the achievements of Harrison’s 5th-grade students from Harrison Avenue Elementary School, Parsons Elementary School, Preston Elementary School, and Purchase Elementary School at ceremonies held on June 17-21 in the Harrison Performing Arts Center at the high school. Each ceremony commenced with a moment of silence in memory of Mark-Anthony Giordano, an 8th-grade student at LMK Middle School, and then proceeded to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of the 5th graders.

Principals welcomed families, expressed gratitude to parents for their invaluable partnership, and acknowledged the tireless efforts of faculty and staff to nurture and support our students. Each principal shared anecdotes about their students’ journey in elementary school and encouraged them to carry the lessons learned to LMK. Students were encouraged to be “caring, curious, honest, and principled risk takers,” to embrace their “unique talents and qualities,” and “continue discovering who they are.” 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Louis Wool greeted families at each ceremony and thanked parents, faculty, and the Harrison learning community for all they do on behalf of our students. He reflected on how each graduation ceremony is special and uniquely reflects the students and families in attendance. Dr. Wool shared a story with students about the “power of a child” and how a 6th grader transformed a “difficult moment into an incredible moment” by seeing and caring for a classmate standing beside her. He reminded students, “You are powerful, and you will make a difference if you truly see the people next to you,” and encouraged them to use “their power” to impact the world around them.

Board of Education trustees spoke at the ceremonies and thanked the community for supporting and believing in our schools and our children. The trustees acknowledged the dedication of administrators, faculty, and staff, and Dr. Wool.