Harrison High School Students Recognized for Excellence in Dance

Twenty-four HHS Dance students were inducted into the 2042 National Honor Society for Dance Arts. Induction recognizes “outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance,” and meeting the society’s guidelines: collaborative teamwork, motivation, and participation in the many aspects of dance, including choreography, performance, production, and community outreach. Students must earn a minimum of thirty points, those who earn forty-five or more points achieve honors-level recognition. Senior dance students also receive the National Honor Society for Dance Arts honor cord and honor gold pin to be worn during graduation. The induction ceremony was held on April 8 at the conclusion of the Spring Dance Concert in the Harrison High School Performing Arts Center.

Junior 2024 Inductees: Julianna Blackman, Noa Gropper, Julia Kessler, Martina Marcinkevicius, Kathryne Mariani, Cara McGovern, Heidi Monke, Sophie Munzer, Lucy Short, Jordyn Summer, Chanelle Vargas, Christina Zumbo

Senior Members (received Honor Medals):  Galle Blaustein, Adelaide Boyle, Lexi Frankel, Angelina Galente, Kaitlyn Larkin, Reagan Kelly, Lucy Neureuther, Gianna Pagli, Eve Rabin, Jadyn Schwartz