Library Board Vice President Long Recaps Library Events

By Stephen E. Lipken

The Harrison Village/Town Board of Trustees meeting on April 3 began with a moment of silence in recognition of May as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness Month (ALS). Then Councilwoman/Trustee Elizabeth Brown read a letter of retirement from Police Sergeant Frank DeVito, effective Saturday, June 15, 2024, who is concluding twenty years of service. Police Officer Frank Morabito is also retiring on the same effective date.

Next, the Board approved Superintendent of Recreation Gerry Salvo’s request to accept donations of $900 from Ridgeway Garden Center LLC and $500 from CAJM, Inc. (Gentile) for the Brentwood Project. 

The Board approved Comptroller Maureen MacKenzie’s proposal from BPAS Actuarial and Pension Services for actuarial services provided to the Town in conjunction with Government Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 75 (GASB). GASB is an accounting and financial reporting provision requiring government employers to measure and report liabilities associated with post-employment benefits other than pensions.

Then the Board authorized Town Engineer Michael Amodeo’s request to accept the Annual Stormwater Report and approved Director of Community Services Catherine Tammaro’s request to accept an anonymous donation of $2,000 for the Food Pantry.

During Public Comment, Shauna Rae Long, Vice President, Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees presented a recap of Library Events from last year, saying that 145,000 people walked through their doors. “Over 200,000 things were circulated; 1900 events were held. We had over 34,000 people attend Library events, where people registered and signed up to attend.”

Long continued, “I want to thank you on behalf of our Library, your Library, and the Board. If we count how many visitors, we are already 20% over last year and 15% more events than we planned last year. Our construction is nearly complete, with new lights inside, re-surfacing of the parking lot, a new sign, and new windows at the West Harrison Branch.”  Long also mentioned that the Library will celebrate its 120th Anniversary next year.