County Executive and Municipal Leaders Highlight Bold Initiatives Transforming Municipalities

Under the leadership of Westchester County Executive George Latimer, a wave of transformative infrastructure initiatives has swept through municipalities across Westchester County totaling $893,533,000.

Latimer highlighted many local projects funded by Westchester County Government including roads, bridges, parks, flooding mitigation, and housing issues. 

Latimer said: “Unlike some who merely claim success, we have delivered tangible results for the people of Westchester County. Through strategic planning and relentless dedication, our administration has transformed municipalities across the region. Actions speak louder than words, and our record of accomplishment speaks volumes.”

New Rochelle Mayor Yadira Ramos-Herbert said: “Westchester County’s investments in New Rochelle’s infrastructure are vitally needed. We are grateful for the County’s support. The new Glen Island Bridge will facilitate easy and convenient use of one of our most treasured parks.”

White Plains Mayor Tom Roach said: “The City of White Plains is proud to have a strong partnership with Westchester County. We appreciate the County’s continued investment in its infrastructure and facilities located in the City of White Plains; most recently, much-needed resurfacing work on Old Mamaroneck Road and extensive renovations to the Westchester County Center. These critical investments enhance the quality of life for all White Plains and Westchester County residents. Thank you to County Executive George Latimer and his team for their diligence and commitment to building strong partnerships with the villages, towns, and cities.”

Some of the local projects for 2024 include:

2024, Noted Projects

•         Bronx River Pathway Reconstruction – Multiple: $6,900,000

•         County Center Improvements – White Plains: $25,000,000

•         Glen Island Bridge – New Rochelle: $52,000,000

•         Hilltop Hannover – Yorktown: $15,000,000

•         Murray Avenue – Mamaroneck: $1,485,000

•         McLean Avenue – Yonkers: $575,000

•         Old Mamaroneck Road – White Plains: $4,000,000

•         Tuckahoe Road Bridge over Bronx River Parkway – Yonkers: $3,500,000