Marsha Gordon

AI is Here! BCW Announces Bold New Initiative for 2024

The Business Council of Westchester, the county’s largest and most influential business membership organization, will devote much of its 2024 programming to artificial intelligence (AI).

The initiative is called AI Alliance 360°, and it is devoted to helping BCW members prepare for the opportunities that await in this latest technological revolution. AI Alliance 360° will consist of in-person and virtual events that will explore the technology’s many implications with the goal of helping BCW members understand how they will be affected by AI’s power.

“AI will be a disruptive economic force, just as the Internet revolution was in the past generation,” said BCW president and CEO Marsha Gordon. “The growing adoption of AI will challenge all of us to reconsider our business models and pivot to new operations.”

The BCW’s year of AI begins on January 30 with AI Unveiled: Understanding and Navigating the Future of Intelligent Systems at Manhattanville College. The breakfast event features a coffee chat with Bargav Balakrishan, VP of Industry Modernization at  IBM and a Regeneron expert, followed by a Decoding AI Workshop with Nikhil Jagga of CMIT Solutions.

Subsequent AI-related events are scheduled throughout the year. Key events include:

• AI in Professional Services: Innovation and Integration

• Healing Horizons: Navigating AI in Healthcare’s Transformative Technologies

• FutureEd: Harnessing the Power of AI in Academic Innovation

• Securing Tomorrow: AI in Cybersecurity and Technology

• AI Unleashed: Smart Insights and Innovations to Transforming Marketing Strategies

“We must become conversant about AI to ensure that we can harness its potential while having the proper safeguards in place within our organizations and networks. Through the AI Alliance 360° programming, the BCW aims to increase awareness of AI and its role in the future,” said Gordon.

The Business Council of Westchester is the county’s largest and most prestigious business membership organization representing more than 1,000 members, including multinational corporations, hospitals, universities, biotech pioneers, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes. Visit to connect.