NYS Assemblyman 93rd District Chris Burdick, NYS Senator Shelley Mayer and Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio

Community Coffee & Conversations – A New Initiative From Harrison’s Department of Community Services

Catherine Tammaro, the new Director of Community Services for the Town/Village of Harrison has announced an initiative they are piloting, Community Coffee & Conversations. It will be a monthly offering to all Harrison residents to bring the community together to discuss topics that matter to them. 

Their inaugural event was September 21, and the topic was “Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction.”  The conversation was led by Dr. Christopher Aloezos and Eliza Zimmerer, LMSW, MPH.  Attendees learned the concept of addiction as a disease and reasons young people may engage in substance abuse behavior. Additionally, attendees learned how to explore the environment of a teenager and learn to spot signs of possible substance use and risky behavior- a training knows as Hidden in Plain Site: as well as Narcan training by Lily Neuman Director of Community Outreach and Prevention Education.

The event was well attended and very well received. The target audience was parents and local law makers including NYS Senator Shelley Mayer,  NYS Assemblyman 93rd District Chris Burdick, and Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio.

 The next Community Coffee is Tuesday October 17 at 10 a.m. at the Harrison Meadows Country Club. The topic is “Social Media: The Advancement In Technology And How It Relates  To Our Children’s Mental Wellness And Safety.”