High School Debaters Perform at the Top; Senior Jessie Pein Ranked #1 in Nation

Debate Team Coach Chetan Hertzig, team captain Jessie Pein, and HHS debate team alumna Elizabeth Murno

Harrison High School Debate Team captain, senior Jessie Pein, placed 2nd and was named 4th speaker at Bronx Science High School’s national championship.  This highly competitive tournament brings hundreds of students from high schools across the country to New York, where they compete in a series of Lincoln Douglas style debate rounds.  Jessie currently is the #1 ranked Lincoln Douglas Debater nationally.  Students are ranked by the National Speech and Debate Association based on points earned by participating in a number of speech and debate activities including interscholastic competition, public speaking events, and service activities. This is the 6th time a Harrison debater has been ranked #1 in the nation.  Debate team member Jack Borman also posted an impressive finish, placing in the top 30 debaters and being named 12th speaker.