Compassionate, Dedicated Teachers Honored at Harrison Schools Tenure Celebration

Family, friends and colleagues gathered at the district’s annual celebration of tenure in the Performing Arts Center at Harrison High School.  Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Louis Wool welcomed the attendees and honorees, and described the evening as one the best events of the year. Dr. Wool shared the rigorous and thorough process of evaluation for each teacher, and recognized those receiving tenure as professionals who embody the district’s core values in their classrooms.  School principals spoke about each tenure recipient, describing their compassion, commitment to students, dedication to their profession and adaptability, especially in the face of the challenges over the past few years. Congratulations to all who were recognized at the celebration:


Harrison High School

Emma Asanza

Thomas Bastone

Matthew  Ciraco

Nicholas Curtiss-Rowlands

Amanda Odetalla

Lara Singer

Mark Trebatch


LMK Middle School

Michelle Newman



Luke Beyer (PUR/PRE)

Kristin  Castellano (PUR)

Kristie  Debitetto (PAR)

Alyssa Gioio (PUR)

Emily Jacobsen (PAR)

Rebecca Kilminster (PUR)


District Administration

Veronica D’Andrea, Director of Mathematics

Jaimie Kanter, Director of English Language Arts

Antonia Simao, Supervisor of Secondary Special Education