HHS Workshops Support College Essay Writing

Harrison High School students participated in workshops to support the college application essay writing process. The workshops, developed by the high school English Language Arts department, provide students with an opportunity to create their college essay, receive feedback from peers and teachers, and edit and revise their writing before submitting to colleges.  HHS teachers Ms. Brennen, Ms. Voss, Mr. Glauber and Ms. Morrissey provide whole group and small group instruction. 


The workshop provides students a safe space to engage in the writer’s process with their peers and teachers. Students work on identifying important topics, analyze application prompts, and create an essay that highlights a students’ strengths. Throughout the process they brainstorm, draft, revise and edit their college essays and receive explicit personalized feedback on how to make their writing stronger.  


Jaimie Kanter, District Director of English Language Arts, reflected on the value of the workshop for students, “Writing a college essay can seem like a daunting task. This workshop offers students the strategies and tools to successfully craft their essay.”  


The workshops were open at no cost to all HHS seniors; more than 130 participants attended the sessions, held over four days in June and two half day sessions on a Saturday in September.