Harrison High School Playhouse
Presented "Out of the Gutter"

On June 3rd and 4th members of the Harrison High School Playhouse performed an original play written and directed by Senior Angel Aguilar and Junior Jack Eiff. Out of the Gutter, is a comedy that centers around Ted Park, an HR specialist, who decides to leave the life he knows to pursue a professional bowling career. Ted is joined by his teenage daughter, Stephanie, who wants to escape her overbearing mother and the pressures of high school. Along the way, Ted and Stephanie encounter a host of comic characters, like Ron Jupiter, an eccentric bowling coach, Ron’s arch-nemesis, Kira Maple, a ninja-like Canadian bowling prodigy and a team of professional bowlers that include a woman who is terrified of bowling pins. Students comprised the entire cast, production team and crew, with the guidance of advisor Ms. Nina Haberli. 


The Cast: Angel Aguilar, Galle Blaustein, Tyler Bocek, Barbra Borrell, Ulysses Bravo, Emily Caragliano, Dean Corvino, Jack Eiff, Aidan Flores, Hikari Fujino, Aaralyn Gravagna, Lexi Gulla, Joanna Howson, Sam King, Sasha Konigsberg, Joey Lipple-Smetana, Katherine Pflieger, Nolan Regan, Zoya Shariff, Angelina Siconolfi, and Lana Waights.


The Crew and Production Team: Jonathan Choi, David Drapeau, D’Angelo Gordon, Hailey Helmer, Shannon Kenny, Elias MacMillan, Dan Maron, Eleanor Millard, Alondra Nolasco Rojas, Stella O’Connell, Siobhan Rice, Georgia Robb, Elita Robertson, Alonso Ruedo Lobato, Sebastian Rueda Lobato, and Nicole Salazar, Ariana Sanchez, Abi Spataro, and Caroline Tanico.