Harrison High School Scientists Win Scholarship Funds at Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Harrison High School students, Mai Blaustein, Ariella Blackman, and Jack Kelly competed at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is applauding local high school scientists for their pioneering ideas at the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. In total Westchester students received more than $25,000 in scholarship money for their innovative projects.


Latimer said, “We are confident these students will make waves in the science world and remain on the cutting edge of their chosen fields. These projects are a testament of how engaged our educators are with our students. We are looking forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future as leaders and as role models.”


Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., said, “As someone who got his start by doing a high school science project, I fully appreciate the critical importance of our supporting the next generation of young scientists, via programs like the Regeneron Science Talent Search and the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, or ISEF.  This year’s ISEF finalists are some of the brightest young minds from around the world and provide hope for addressing global existential challenges from future pandemics to climate change. I am continually impressed by and proud of the strong showing from our Westchester community, with 25 students earning a spot at this year’s ISEF. I congratulate them for their hard work and am eager to see what they achieve in their scientific journeys.” 


The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF), a program of Society for Science for over 70 years, is the world’s largest global science competition for high school. Through a global network of local, regional and national science fairs, millions of students are encouraged to explore their passion for science. Each spring, a group of these students are selected as finalists and offered the opportunity to compete for approximately $8 million in awards and scholarships. ISEF alumni have gone on to have world-changing careers in science and engineering and earn some of the most esteemed honors, including National Medal of Science recipients, MacArthur Foundation Fellows, National Academy of Sciences Members and National Academy of Engineering Inductees.


Below are award winners from Harrison High School:


 • Ariella Maia Blackman, Harrison High School, Harrison

Award: First Award of $750 from Air Force Research Laboratory on behalf of the United States Air Force; Second Award of $2,000 in Plant Sciences

Project Title: Developing a Model in situ Resource Utilization System for Oxygen Sustaining Life Support and Launch Cost Reduction for Mars


• Mai Blaustein, Harrison High School, Harrison

Award: Diploma of Recognition and $100 gift card from the American Chemical Society

Project Title: Identification of Chemical Contaminants in Spiked Beverages With the Use of Infrared Spectroscopy Through Development of Inexpensive and Inconspicuous Device To Identify Date-Rape Drugs


 • Jack Kelly, Harrison High School, Harrison

Award: Fourth Award of $500 in Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project Title: Quantifying Linguistic Polarization for Congressional Representatives Facing Primary Challengers: A Random Effects Logit Regression Approach