Harrison High School Model
Congress Team Earns Awards

The Harrison High School Model Congress team competed at Princeton Model Congress. The conference, typically held in Washington, DC took place virtually this year.  


The Harrison team was among students from high schools across the country who participated in the oldest model congress in America. Students discussed the pressing issues of the day and composed bills to present and debate at simulated House, Senate and full Congressional sessions. Organizers of the competition strive to make the conference as realistic and educational as possible. 


One Best Delegate and two Honorable Mention awards are presented for each committee and congressional session. Congratulations to Harrison High School Model Congress team members:  Best Delegate Dani Topper, Remi Rabin, and Jack Kelly. Honorable Mention: Aiden Lefkowitz, Abby Roth, Schweta Nadagouda, and Galle Blaustein.