Town/Village Pays Tribute to Retiring Mayor Belmont

By Stephen E. Lipken



Harrison Mayor Ron Belmont convened a live Town Board meeting on Thursday, December 16, requesting the community to stand in tribute to those who perished from the COVID-19 virus, noting that 3,580 residents have been infected with COVID since the onset with 35 new cases since December 15 and 210 active cases. 


A continuation of the Public Hearing for proposed Local Law regarding adding Chapter 178, “NYS Cannabis Law Opt-out Legislation” was opened.  “The Law was passed in haste, and they don’t have a Commission to regulate it,” Belmont observed.  “I think we should opt-out.  Once you opt-out, you can always opt back in.  If you opt-in you stay in.”  The Mayor and Board voted unanimously to opt-out.


The second continued Public Hearing concerning “Solar Energy” of the Town Code was put off until the second meeting in January.


Significantly, Superintendent of Recreation Gerry Salvo requested acceptance of an anonymous $15,000 donation for Summer Concert Series and Entertainment. 


Since two Fire District #2 Trucks were destroyed by Hurricane Ida and unit borrowed from East Meadow, L.I., District #2 Fire Chief Ralph Straface requested approval to purchase a Pierce Rescue Pumper from Firematic Supply Company at cost not to exceed $800,000 and a 2001 HMA pumper from Command Fire Apparatus for $75,000.


Board approved Town Engineer Michael Amodeo’s request to convert the two-way section of Muchmore Road, from Lawrence Lane to North Street into a one-way (Westbound) eliminating the traffic approach to the North Street Intersection.


The Muchmore Road approach to North Street was studied by both Police and Engineering Departments and found inadequate due to limited sight distances to the north.  Proposed improvements will include signage, curb line modification and formation of a standard “T-intersection.”


Tributes poured in for retiring Mayor Belmont, beginning with resident Ed Ibuono, culminating with Town Attorney Frank P. Allegretti who showed an online plaque that said, “Mayor Ronald Belmont, January 1, 2012—December 31, 2021—There Will Never Be Another You.”