New Mayor Outlines Vision for Town/Village

By Stephen E. Lipken



In an interview on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, new Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio outlined his vision for the Town/Village.  “Our vision is to work closely with our schools. The Police Department, Fire Department, EMS and DPW are all great,” Dionisio began.  “Most of all, I want to maintain our safety, AAA Rating and be responsible financially.  


“We have more and more companies interested in investing in Harrison. This is happening on Westchester Avenue with interest in building unique types of condos that will bring in revenue while keeping an eye on the school population.”


Asked what induced him to get into politics, Dionisio replied,“About twenty years ago I was interested in joining a Party. I joined the Republican Party and became District Leader; from there Vice Chairman.”  Dionisio was a Council Member/Trustee for 4 ½ years, from 2016. Appointed Deputy Mayor by Mayor Ron Belmont in 2021, Dionisio ran for Mayor the same year.


“I would like to see Harrison Meadows Country Club up and running for this season.  I am working with Troon, having meetings at least once a week, keeping the projects on track.


“I want to see the golf opening, Pro Shop, Pool, Tennis and Snack Bar. We purchased some additional golf carts. Troon Indigo is a world-wide company, managing over 600-700 golf courses.  They have all the backup statistics for kitchens and bathrooms, how to run greens and maintain them. I believe these items will become reality in the Spring.” 


A lifelong Harrison resident, Dionisio was a Little League Coach, Junior Football Coach and parishioner of St. Gregory the Great. Dionisio is an electrical contractor and real estate investor through his business, Dionisio Services, Inc.


“It doesn’t matter what party affiliation you are.  I will be treating everyone the same,” Dionisio concluded.