2022 Holiday Project; Achievement Awards Presented to 2022 Harrison Youth Football League

5th/6th Grade Harrison Youth Football League Champions

By Stephen E. Lipken


Harrison Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio called the Thursday, November 17th Town Board meeting to order, requesting a Moment of Silence for the people of Ukraine.


On a happier note, Dionisio called upon Jenny Schenk and Toni Braiotta, who run the 2022 Holiday Project.  “For those who don’t know what it is, we work with the Department of Community Services here in the Town of Harrison to provide gifts for families in need who utilize the Food Pantry and other services,” Schenk explained.  


“This year we are closer to 500 people, a larger number than the past, so we are really tasked with a large amount of money to be raising.  We are giving gift cards to Wegman’s, and we received a $13,000 donation from Wegman’s.  We give gift cards to Target.  This is the third year of matching what we need, which is fantastic.


“Because of Covid, which we are finally coming out of, we are giving each family a choice of gift items or gift cards.  The majority of requested gifts were actually needed items, such as warm coats, boots, new underwear, towels, bedding and sheets.


“We work with the Fire Department, Purchase Community House and Library.  We have tried to make this a whole community effort.  We have a Toy Drive, where each family can pick out gifts for their children.  We work with Harrison Association of Teachers.”


“The Harrison Avenue Fifth Grade Service Club just donated a ton of food to the Food Pantry,” Braiotta added, “and gift-wrapping paper.”


“If anyone wants to get involved, they can email us at harrisonholidayproject@gmail.com,” Schenk said.  “Our target number is $42,000; we have $12,000 so far.  We also have a ‘wish list’ that people have signed up to purchase.  I have been reaching out to them individually where to drop everything off.”


Then Dionisio presented Certificates of Achievement to the 5th/6th Grade Harrison Youth Football League Champions and relayed the good news that the Town received a $2.6 million NYS Grant for Flood Mitigation.