Zoning Changes to Platinum Mile Office
Parks Discussed at Public Hearing

By Stephen E. Lipken



Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio convened a Town Board meeting on Tuesday, September 20th and opened a Public Hearing regarding Local Law 4 of 2022, amending Chapter 235, “Zoning” by adding “SB-0, Attached Single-Family Dwelling to 235-4, entitled “Definitions” and amending portions of Section 235-17 (X) entitled “SB-0 Multifamily Residential.”


Attorney Seth Mandelbaum, Partner, McCullough, Goldberger and Staudt, representing Senlac Ridge Partners, Morristown, NJ, owners of the property on 2500-2700 Westchester Avenue, appeared with team members Matt Lavell, Senior Vice President, Senlac; Peter Feroe, Senior Technical Director/Planning, AKRF; Attorney Michael Zarin, Senior Partner/Principal, Zarin and Steinmetz; Development Team from RPW Group, plus NRP, developers of the Webb Avenue property, submitting a joint petition for the referenced Zoning Amendment.


Mandelbaum gave a brief “history lesson” on the Platinum Mile and “Teardrop,” as well as the Eastern Portion of the Platinum Mile, subject of the requested Zoning Amendment. 


“During the ’70’s and late ‘80’s there was a tremendous amount of office development along the Platinum Mile; four-and-one half million square feet of office space was built, according to the 2013 Comprehensive Plan.  By 1984, 60% of the Town’s tax revenues was coming from these office parks but over the next 20 years, including the Recession of 2008, that 60% was down to 18% by the time the Board adopted the Comprehensive Plan update in 2013.


“As part of these recommendations in 2013, there was the thought of taking these old office buildings and seeing if there were alternative uses that would work.  It has been a resounding success, including Lifetime, Wegman’s and Travel Pro, resulting in a stronger budget with a AAA Rating.”


Jonathan Gertman, NRP Vice President of Development stated that the 7,500 square foot building will encompass a pool, gym, work areas with 32 studios, one (78) and two (90) bedroom apartments with 289 parking spaces.


Local Law 4 of 2022 passed at the Meeting.