Harrison Planning Board Site Plan Approvals Presented

Town Planner Pat Cleary (left) and Assistant Town Planner Ben Heaslip.

By Stephen E. Lipken



Harrison Planning Board Chairman Joseph Stout opened the Tuesday, July 26th meeting with the following approvals:


• Biltmore Estates @ Polly Park Subdivision, Adopt Scoping Document


• 53 Halstead Avenue, New Multi-Family Building, 1 Year Extension Site Plan Approval, 1 Year Extension Steep Slope Permit


• 171 Lakeview Avenue-Subdivision-180 Day Extension Final Plat Approval


• 2700 Westchester Avenue-Redevelopment, Adopt SEQRA Findings Statement, Combined Zoning Amendments 


• Webb Avenue-New Multi-Family Building, Block 603, Lot 1—Adopt SEQRA Findings Statement.


Attention then turned to the Yau Subdivision, 22 Buckout Road, Preliminary Plat, Steep Slope, Wetland Permit and SEQRA Reviews—approved.  Concerning Morgan Stanley Parking Garage Solar Carports, applicants are working with the Fire Department regarding access to Solar Panels in their garage.


Attorney Albert J. Pirro, Jr. appeared on behalf of the 40 Buckout Road developers.  “The project has gone through a series of misunderstandings, resulting the project being in jeopardy,” Pirro said. “It is a subject of a number of violations issued by the Building Department which are pending in Town Court.


Engineer Charles Utschig said the project is going forward with a number of walls being built to rectify the violations. “The walls are Gravity Block walls, similar to a LEGO arrangement.   


As a result of collaboration with the Town Engineer and Building Department we were able to produce this document for the Board,” Utschig stated. The motion was approved with re-issuance of Wetland Permit.


Regarding Westland Permits, resident Robert Porto strongly recommended that the Wetlands be left alone, due to flooding concerns.


Then Engineer Martha Monserrate discussed the 3 Purchase Lane property across from vacant property on 2 Purchase Lane.  “Water flows across the top surface of the bedrock,” Monserrate noted.  “They had 1-2 feet of flooding in their basement, due to Hurricane Ida.”   


Other projects encompassed the Harrison Grand-Multi-Family Building, 402 Halstead Avenue, Site Plan, SEQR Reviews; Rose Residence, 2 Carriage Hill Road, Wetland Permit, SEQR Reviews and Stoneleigh Manor, Wetland Permit, SEQR Reviews.