Renovations to Harrison
Meadows Country Club Continue

By Stephen E. Lipken



On the Thursday, July 7th Harrison Town Board Village Board Agenda, renovations to the Harrison Meadows Country Club continue as Town Engineer Michael J. Amodeo requested an increase in Purchase Order #420637, issued for Mitchell Wilk Architecture PC to renovate the Country Club grill from $6,000 to $16,350.  This additional cost will cover completion of final design for construction. Funding source is HMCC Enterprise Account.


Town Attorney Frank Allegretti requested approval of the quote from Indigo Golf Partners in the amount of $28,457.51 for purchase of IT equipment; also, approval of quote from TPC Turf Products for golf equipment lift and greens vibration roller, costing $19,385.02.   

At the Town Board meeting, Harrison Town Supervisor Richard Dionisio called for a Moment of Silence “for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.”


In report from Supervisor Dionisio on decisions made following the Thursday, June 16th meeting, Rocky Consigliere was promoted to probational position of Police Sergeant. 


Michele Dragone, probational position of Police Officer/Detective and Charles Pascale, probational position of Police Officer/Detective. 

An advance payment agreement for appraised amount of $1,175,000 was made for 249 Halstead Avenue. Joseph Stout was appointed Chairman of the Planning Board and the resignation of Henry Mohr as Second Assistant Chief of the Harrison Volunteer Fire Department was accepted.


The Board approved Building Inspector Rocco Germani’s request to add Better Homes Electric Inspection Services, Inc. as an approved Electrical Inspection Agency for the Town.


Veterans Affairs Officer, Joe Mazzulo and Town Comptroller Maureen Mackenzie requested opening a budgetary account in the name of Harrison Hometown Heroes Banner Account. The banners will be purchased by residents to hang in town from May to December 2023 and each year thereafter.  Cost is $200 per banner with a yearly $25 maintenance fee.


On the Village Board Agenda, Village Attorney Jonathan D. Kraut requested a Public Hearing for proposed Local Law Enacting a New Chapter 4 entitled “Term Limits.”