Mayor Dionisio Calls for Term Limits

Councilwoman Lauren Leader

By Stephen E. Lipken



In a surprising late development at the Wednesday, May 18th Harrison Town Board meeting, Mayor Richard Dionisio called for term limits for their elected officials, 5 terms or 10 years for Mayors; 4 terms or 16 years for Councilmen/women.


Councilwoman Lauren Leader expressed dismay at the suddenness of the proposal, stressing that the community should have a chance to input.  The motion passed, 3-2.


Opening the Town Board meeting, Dionisio called for a Moment of Silence for all COVID victims.  Notably, during the Report from Supervisor Dionisio on Decisions Made Following Town Board Meeting held May 5th, Pasquale Mastrogiacomo of Parks Department was promoted at annual salary of $94,240; authorization to hire Woodard and Curran for Engineering Services in amount not to exceed $116,000.


Next, architect Mark Mustacato, representing Albert J. Pirro, Jr. discussed a vacant office building at 4749 Halstead Avenue, in the Neighborhood Business zone (NB) between Thatcher Avenue and Mamaroneck Border that Pirro plans to convert to a multi-family dwelling. Zoning as it exists now allows multi-family within 1500 feet of the Train Station, allotting 4 stories or 45 feet. 


“In discussing this with Planning Consultant Pat Cleary, Town Attorneys and Building Inspector Rocco Germani, the conclusion was that a zoning change would be the best way to deal with this,” Mustacato said. “It would allow multi-family use to three stories up to 40 feet and maintains 45 feet, 4 stories, 1500 feet from the train station and all other NB areas, 2 stories or 35 feet.”  


The Board made a motion return this to the Planning Board for SEQRA review and will be discussed at the Thursday, June 16th Town Board meeting. 


At Village Board meeting, Ralph Straface, Chief, Fire District 2 stated that construction of the Fire Station on 206 Harrison Avenue is moving along, with building up and framing done inside. “We are waiting for inspections, sheetrock, insulation and are tentatively scheduled for an August 5th finished date,” Straface concluded.