Homeowner Sewer Service Contract Announced

Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio

By Stephen E. Lipken


Harrison Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio convened the Thursday, April 20th Board meeting, introducing Attorney Albert J. Pirro, Jr., Esq., Partner, Abrams Fensterman, LLP, representing Pipelogix LMS, Inc. 


“You may remember, a few months ago, the Town of Harrison entered into a contract with Pipelogix,” Pirro began.  “Essentially, Town authorized Westchester Joint Water Works (WJWW) to send notices to residents on sewer service that if they like, for $14.95 a month on an annual basis, have their entire sewer lateral from their house out to the sewer main inspected, maintained and repaired at no cost to them. 


“It is a Service Contract without any ‘deducts.’  If there is a problem, it is totally repaired.  In accordance with that arrangement the Town entered into, WJWW prepared a statement to go out to everybody.  The $14.95 fee would be on their water bill after May with opportunity to ‘opt out.’”


Pirro then introduced Elliott Bloom, Pipelogix Vice President of Operations, who said that they immediately will send out notices to 1700 West Harrison homeowners, including form to opt out and extending the time period from May 15th to May 31st. 


Then, to much acclaim, Dionisio announced that Comptroller/Treasurer Maureen MacKenzie  received the 2023 Woman of Distinction Award.  Acknowledging April Volunteer Appreciation Month, Dionisio also thanked Harrison Food Pantry volunteers.  “Through your efforts, every Thursday we are able to provide food to residents in need. We thank you for your dedication and loyalty,” Dionisio stated.


Next, a Public Hearing was opened Local Law 466-a of the Real Property Tax Law, pertaining to property owned by an enrolled member of an incorporated fire company, department or incorporated volunteer ambulance service or any such enrolled member and spouse residing in any County having a population to 261,000 inhabitants but less than 270,000 inhabitants in accordance with the 1990 federal census, shall be exempt from taxation to the extent of 10% of the assessed value of such property.


However, such exemption shall not exceed $3,000 multiplied by the latest state equalization rate.


The measure was approved by Roll Call Vote, carried over to the Village Board Agenda.