Multiple Actions and Resolutions
Discussed at Town Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio opened the Wednesday, March 15th Town/Village Board meeting with multiple Actions and Resolutions.


Recent Harrison Food Pantry donations totaled $260.26, with donations for Brentwood Fundraiser Project totaling $3700. 

Request by Comptroller, Maureen MacKenzie to transfer available funds within the Planning Board budget lines, Furniture and Furnishings and Office Equipment and transfer funds to Planning Board Special Services budget line to cover cost of having old microfiche records digitally scanned.  Increase: Planning Board Special Services, $700; Decrease: Planning Board Furniture and Furnishings, $500; Planning Board Office Equipment, $200.


MacKenzie requested appropriating Highway Fund Balance to cover cost of emergency repairs as follows: Repair to catch basin at Pebble Beach Drive by Montesano Brothers, Inc., $6,793.32; plus Drainage emergency at 100 Corporate Park Drive, $39,830.49.  Corporate Park Drive Emergency/Pipe/Drainage/Catch Basin Repairs, Contractor Westchester Hills Landscaping 2, $32,895.24.  Total: $79,519.05.


The Law Department approved Police Chief John T. Vasta’s request to participate in the renewed Inter-Municipality Agreement (IMA) with Westchester County and Town/Village of Harrison Police Department for provision of Enhanced 911 Service.  The primary purpose of this IMA is to define the role of Westchester County municipalities regarding the provision of E911 service and operation of Public Safety Answering Points located throughout the County.


Request by Receiver of Taxes, Michael Giordano and Assessor, Joe Calandrella to set the date of April 20, 2023, for a Public Hearing to adopt a Local Law that brings Section 466-a of Real Property Tax Law into effect.  Real Property Tax Law Section 466-a is not in effect for Town/Village and School property taxes.  


Village Board Actions and Resolutions included approving hiring ELQ Industries, Inc. for construction portion of the West Harrison Library Window Replacement Project at cost not to exceed $70,850 and structural maintenance to the Brentwood Pool, cost not to exceed $110,000.