Country Club Renovations Considered by Board of Trustees

By Stephen E. Lipken



Harrison Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio (photo left) called to order a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, calling for a Moment of Silence “for those residents who are no longer with us and the people of Ukraine.”


Under Actions and Resolutions, the Board approved General Manager, Old Oaks Country Club Iwona Sterk’s request to hold their annual Fourth of July fireworks display on Sunday, July 3rd;  rain date, Monday, July 4th, beginning at 9:00 p.m., subject to approval by Acting Fire Marshall, Chief of Police and Law Department.


Trustee Lauren Leader said that last year, Village discussed having a joint Fourth of July celebration with Apawamis Country Club and suggested that Harrison residents could watch those fireworks from Harrison Meadows Country Club (HMCC) grounds; Dionisio replied that this could be planned for next year.


Comptroller Maureen MacKenzie requested that Actions and Resolutions 7-11 be moved to Village Board Agenda, because they are bonded items. MacKenzie added that a $43,000 Purchase Order to KG+D Architects to complete the SEQRA process for the new Recreation Center has to be funded with a Budget Modification, meaning that money will be transferred from the Recreation Reserve Account to Capital Recreation Fund.


Items transferred from Town Board Actions and Resolutions included a quote of $25,422 from Oval Tennis, Inc. to recondition HMCC tennis court; $8,925 for Ken Fusco Contracting, Inc. to repair and replace HMCC exterior damaged gutters and fascia; an $8,500 Purchase Order (P.O.) to Morano Group Landscapes for landscaping the back part of HMCC;  P.O. to Fusco of $13,750 to replace Department of Public Works Garage leaking roof and $6,435 to replace  damaged HMCC siding and dormers.


Town Engineer Michael J. Amodeo requested hiring ELQ Industries, Inc. for HMCC renovations not to exceed $616,079.74, encompassing Clubhouse Bar; Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms; Snack Bar, Tennis House Buildings; Clubhouse Terrace, paver patio sealant and Clubhouse Building, exterior painting.