Harrison Police Chief, Officers Commended for Protecting Community

Harrison Police Chief John Vasta

By Stephen E. Lipken


Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio called the Wednesday, February 15th Town/Village Board meeting to order, commending Police Chief John Vasta for apprehending individuals associated with international theft groups, located a man wanted for murder and seized two illegal “ghost guns” with high-capacity clips. 


 “Your diligence, dedication and skill have protected our community time after time again,” and certainly saved lives,” Dionisio said. “From the bottom of my heart I would like to compliment Chief John Vasta and all of the Harrison Police Officers that put their lives online every day for us.”


In addition to the South American Theft Group (SATG), Harrison Police arrested four individuals for possession of Burglar’s Tools on Saturday, February 4th during a traffic stop.


Further investigation revealed that these defendants have multiple aliases and have histories of residential burglaries throughout the United States. 


Then a Public Hearing regarding Local Law entitled “Solar Energy” of the Town Code was opened.  Attorney Steven Wrabel, McCullough, Goldberger and Staudt, representing Old Oaks Country Club, partnering with Solar Alliance, a solar panel installer and operator.


Wrabel called attention to clarification of new screening of Tier 3 in R2, which rules that the panels must not be visible “from private or public properties or roadways, visible from the property line or someone’s third story window,” Wrabel asked.  “We want to make sure our residents are protected from the unsightly sites if possible,” Dionisio replied.  “There is always room for discussion; it will come back to the Town Board before final approval.  We are looking forward to this, it is going to be a good move for the environment.”  This was approved by Roll Call Vote.


The next Public Hearing concerned the Morgan Stanley Campus, Brightcore Community Solar Project, 2000 Westchester Avenue.  Attorney Kristen Motel, Partner, Cuddy and Feder discussed their Community Solar Parking Canopy, saying that the Planning Board approved the Special Exception Permit.  They are just seeking confirmation.  The Public Hearing was closed and approved by Roll Call Vote.


The final Public Hearing addressed a Special Exception Use Permit for the Webb Avenue Residential Project, approved by Roll Call Vote.