Mayor Announces Holiday Project
Donations Total $18,785

Harrison Councilman/Deputy Supervisor Fred Sciliano

By Stephen E. Lipken


Harrison Mayor/Supervisor Richard Dionisio convened a Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, January 5, 2023, beginning with First of the Year Resolutions including the re-appointments of Trustee/Councilman Fred Sciliano as Deputy Supervisor for 2023; Louis Morano, Deputy Receiver of Taxes; Chelsey Bush, Confidential Secretary to the Supervisor; Gina Smoyver, Deputy Town Clerk and Sean O’Connell, Deputy Court Clerk.


Supervisor Dionisio was re-appointed Treasurer of the Public Library, as well as Police Fund Officer, along with Sciliano and Councilwoman Gina Evangelista.


Dionisio announced that 2022 Holiday Project Donations received total $18,785 to date.


The request by District #2 Fire Chief Ralph Straface to approve and certify the 2022 Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) forms for Fire District #2 was granted, with authorization for each Town Member to sign LOSAP form.


Village Attorney Jonathan D. Kraut requested release of 62 Winfield Avenue Performance Bond for Sanitary Sewer Main Extension, which was approved. Release of the project was completed to the satisfaction of the Engineering Department.


Comptroller/Treasurer Maureen MacKenzie announced a Late Item, funding a contract with Kelbray Fire Services in the amount of $45,500, transferred from Full Timeline to Special Service 407 Line for Edward Ladin to do consulting for Acting Fire Marshall Rocco Germani.


During the Village Board, Councilwoman Lauren Leader asked to set a schedule when Troon would give financial updates on the Harrison Meadows Country Club. She then inquired about the demolition of the Sollazzo Center to make way for the new Recreation Center.  Dionisio replied that demolition will take place in the next three and a half months, with stormwater mitigation and geothermal testing well under way.


“Our stormwater will be located on top of our geothermal wells and Recreation Supervisor Gerry Salvo will be operating Recreation facilities in his satellite locations that he rents, with American Legion being one of the main locations,” Dionisio stated.


Kraut added that there was outreach and communication with their user groups with testing of underground tanks and asbestos.