Numerous Expenditures Reported at Town/Village Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Harrison Mayor Richard Dionisio opened the Wednesday, February 16 Board meeting, calling for a Moment of Silence for departed residents.

Town Attorney Frank Allegretti requested Public Hearing regarding proposed Local Law adding Chapter 206 entitled “Solar Energy” to be adjourned to the March 16th meeting.  


Coordinator of Computer Services, Michael Piccini requested the Supervisor to sign the Client Agreement with NXT Cybersecurity Solutions, LLC to provide Cyber Security Education and Cyber Security Threat Awareness Services to the Town for $3,000 per year.


Request by Chief of Police, John Vasta for 2 Police Officers to attend Street Cop Training-The Narc, a one-day seminar on March 28th in Rochelle Park, NJ at cost not to exceed $450.  This is a budgeted item and funds are available in the Schooling Budget Line.


Town Engineer, Michael Amodeo requested acceptance of the NYS Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Grant awarded in amount not to exceed $5,000,000 for Town-wide Sanitary Sewer Improvement, Phase 1 Construction.  Further request for the Town Engineer to sign the Acknowledgement and Acceptance form from the WQIP Grant, pending the final approval of Contract terms and conditions by the Law Department. This was also on the Village Board Agenda.


Allegretti requested the issuance of a Purchase Order to Ratana Contract in the amount of $130,893 for the purchase of outdoor pool and snack bar furniture for Harrison Meadows Country Club.


Trustee Lauren Leader asked for an update on membership of the Harrison Meadows Country Club.  Trustee Fred Sciliano replied that the HMCC General Manager, Patrick Wynn, is coming in for a Work Session and appear at the March 3rd meeting.  Allegretti stated that there currently are 150 passholders signed up with an additional 55 spouses and children; this brings the number to over 200.