Harrison Public Library Presents "My Favorite Things"

The Harrison Public Library presents paintings by Doris Mady, on view October 2 to November 4. 


“As a child, before all the budget cuts for The Arts, I was fortunate to attend public schools that had art programs. In Junior High School and High School, I majored in art. I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, studied at School of Visual Arts, Westchester Community and Skidmore Colleges. Following a long, successful advertising career as creative director/graphic designer in some of advertising’s Top Twenty advertising agencies, I decided to pursue my first love: oil painting,” explained the artist. “Painting has taken me all over the world and brings me such enjoyable moments.”


“Many Artist Statements refer to “Nature” and “Colors” as a means to describe why a person has taken on the mighty task of painting. I too, could fall under that umbrella, but I consider myself an “outdoor” painter, also known as a Plein Aire Painter. Once someone asked me, “Why plein aire?” My answer, “because being outdoors offers an infinite array of possibilities and within that finite experience there is even more finite experiences tickling our minds,” said Mady.