The Cameragenic Experience at Harrison Public Library

The Harrison Public Library, Bruce Avenue, presents, “The Cameragenic Experience,” photographs by Alan Cohen, on view September 6 to October 1, 2022. Alan’s interest in digital photography grew as the hardware and software evolved into an integrated system capable of providing an almost unlimited control of photographic imagery. The resulting works are a composite of ultra high-resolution photographs, taken throughout North America and Europe, extensively edited, reformatted, and “Re-Worlded”, to create what Alan calls “The Cameragenic Experience”. The finished work is a result of the joining of two very different endeavors, the outside world through an array of photographic imagery and the inside world of the “Digital Darkroom” where extreme post processing occurs, and anything is possible.


Photography is mostly reality based, but his work leans more toward contemporary art which for years has redefined the art world through continuous experimentation. He is self-taught in computer visual arts and continually attempts to evolve in the field. Alan has exhibited in solo and group shows, in public spaces, galleries, and museums. He has mentored individuals in Photoshop and related computer applications.


Alan is currently retired from a long career in dentistry and continues to move forward, exploring an expanded range of photographic arts in the digital world.