Lifelong Learning Will be Available at
Broadview Senior Living

On June 8, Purchase College, SUNY, hosted an event to celebrate Broadview Senior Living at Purchase College, a new intergenerational senior learning community slated to open on-campus in Summer 2023. With 92% of residences reserved and construction well underway, Purchase College and Broadview leadership, along with current and former local elected officials who have been instrumental in the project, gathered to discuss how this community will benefit Westchester County and commemorate the decades-long effort to transform this bold vision into a reality.


 “All around us, in Westchester County, the surrounding areas of New York State and New York City, and beyond, is an aging community of very active and engaged people who have zest for learning, living, and exploring the world around them, just like our students” said Purchase College President Dr. Milagros (Milly) Peña. “Having the Broadview community here will be a wonderful opportunity for students to meet people who lead vibrant lives and to share moments with them that will shed light and context to what students are learning in the classroom.”


“Anyone who is successful in the professional world knows that the only way you can be successful is to learn from those who have come before you,” said New York Assembly Member Amy R. Paulin as she discussed her decision to sponsor legislation that would allow for the development of a senior learning community on the SUNY Purchase campus. “[With this project], we’re giving students an opportunity to learn that lesson at a much earlier stage in their careers, and they are going to be much more successful because of it.” 


“The professional capital that [Broadview Charter Members] are bringing to this community is unrivaled,” said newly named Broadview Executive Director, Ashley Wade. “[Broadview at Purchase College] will function as a living, breathing career development center for mentorships and a conduit for professional connections, and I am confident that the savvy, motivated, smart students at Purchase College are not going to take very long to maximize this catalyst and change the trajectory of their own professional careers.”


Presenters also included Purchase Senior Learning Community Inc. Board President and Chair, Elizabeth C. Robertson and Purchase College President Emeritus Thomas J. Schwarz, who discussed how Broadview will help support scholarship funds and the hiring of new, full-time faculty, both of which greatly enhance Purchase’s ability to offer an excellent academic experience for their students, and thanked lawmakers for their ongoing support.


Broadview Senior Living is a university-based retirement community located on the Purchase College, SUNY campus in Purchase.  The design for Broadview hinges on lifelong learning and intergenerational friendships, as residents will be able to audit courses and attend performances, lectures, events, and more, all on the Purchase College campus. Broadview will comprise 220 living apartments and villas for seniors ages 62 and older, as well as offer assisted living apartments and memory care suites on-site. Broadview is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in Summer 2023. 


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