Harrison Public Library Programs

Westchester Breathes: Breath, Body and Mind Workshop

Fridays, Jan. 6, 13 & 20 at 9:30 am ET ~ Online

This  series runs on Fridays through the 20 and is led by Ann Fleuchaus & Elena Falcone. No experience is required. Register online at conversations.westchesterlibraries.org/breathe


Discount Driver Course

Saturday, Jan. 7, from 10 am to 4 pm ~ On Site

Register at www.harrisonpl.org/events

Join instructor Sam Eskander for a 6-hour defensive driving course being held in the library. The fee of $30 is paid to the instructor. There will be a 30-minute lunch break and two 5-minute breaks (morning and afternoon). Completion certificates will be provided at the end of the class.


Health & Wellness Series with Dr. Kaushik: Inflammation

Tuesday, Jan.10, 7 pm ET ~ Online

Register for the Zoom link at 


Join Dr. Somesh Kaushik for a new health series. The first talk will focus on “Inflammation,” the buzz-word of late – as the underlying cause of many, if not all, disorders. It does appear to be true that all disorders do have inflammation as a component. The question is which came first – the inflammation or the disorder? Inflammation can be due to any number of reasons from stress or trauma, to diet, lifestyle, or emotional issues. Ayurveda’s goal is to determine the underlying source of a symptom, and treat that source, not just the symptom. But how do you know if inflammation exits if there are no symptoms?


Revolutionary Westchester 250-Living 

History-to-Go with Storyteller Joy Kelly Smith

Saturday, Jan. 15, at 2 pm ~ On Site

Register at www.harrisonpl.org/events

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolutionary War, the Harrison Library will be hosting this Revolutionary Westchester 250-Living History-to-Go event with storyteller Joy Kelly Smith. This program is made possible through a grant from Revolutionary Westchester 250 which builds awareness and appreciation for Westchester’s Revolutionary War Era History, in anticipation of the nation’s 250th anniversary of the American Revolution in 2026.


Rugelach Baking Workshop with Baked with Love

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 7 pm ET ~ On Site

Learn how to bake rugelach, a delicious, traditional Jewish dessert, with Baked with Love. Rugelach are little cookies made of pastry dough usually containing some sort of cream cheese or sour cream. The dough is then flattened, filled with nuts, raisins, sugar, and cinnamon and then rolled into triangles or horns. These traditional Jewish desserts get their name from the Yiddish word rugel, meaning “royal.” Registration is required to reserve a spot.


Holocaust Remembrance Day Lecture: Through the Eyes of a Child of Holocaust Survivors

Thursday, Jan. 26, 7 pm ET ~ Online

Register at www.harrisonpl.org/events 

Dr. William Reszelbach will discuss his book, Through the Eyes of a Child of Holocaust Survivors in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. After an atypical childhood during which he was raised by two Holocaust survivors, Dr. William Reszelbach has devoted years sharing his story with audiences, and learning its roots in Holocaust history, Jewish tradition, and post-World War II culture across Europe. In his first book, he brings together his extensive studies on the Holocaust as well as the life of Adolf Hitler, several anecdotes from his childhood and early adult life, the Jewish faith, his recent trip to Poland with the March of the Living, and modern-day anti-Semitism. This program is being offered in partnership with the Tuckahoe Public Library.


The Human Library Event

Saturday, Jan. 28, 11 am – 3 pm ~ On Site

Register online at www.harrisonpl.org/events

The Harrison Library will be hosting its first Human Library event. The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The Human Library® is, in the true sense of the word, a library of people. Readers can borrow human beings serving as open books and have conversations to which they would not normally have access. Every human book represents a group in our society that is often subjected to prejudice, stigmatization or discrimination because of their lifestyle, diagnosis, belief, disability, social status, ethnic origin etc. Join for a meaningful and powerful event. Call the library at  835-0324 for more information.