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May 2017

Parsons Green Key Club Hold a Pajama Program

The Parsons Memorial School Green Key club had an active month of charity, where the club encouraged the Parsons families to donate new pajamas and a new book to the Pajama Program of New York.


The Pajama Program is non-profit charity that believes every child has the right to a good night. Yet, thousands of children across the United States will go to sleep tonight and their bedtime will be missing something. They may be feeling alone and afraid, in a bed that isn’t theirs, in a shelter that isn’t a home, or with families who wish they could give them more.


According to the mission statement at Pajama Program, this doesn’t have to be their story. By offering the magical gifts of pajamas and books, one can bring a caring bedtime ritual into their lives. Changing out of their clothes and into warm, cozy pajamas lets them shed the stresses of their day, trading them for feelings of warmth and hope. With enchanting stories, their imaginations are opened, helping them to dream again. These unconditional gifts fill them with love and a feeling of being cared for, transitioning them to bedtime and delivering a good night — preparing them for a good day that leads to a better life.


The Parsons’ Green Key club started a pajama and book drive aimed at children 5-18 who would enjoy new pajamas and books. Members of the club had some awesome responses to the club’s efforts.


One student said, “I felt good donating books because now that child will have someone read them this book.”  Another student explained how it makes him feel.  “I felt happy donating pajamas because I have seen videos about children in need and I feel that someone will have a good night’s sleep.”


The Green Key club collected many pairs of pajamas and books.  To learn more about this program visit their website at http://pajamaprogram.org/.