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September 2019

Manhattanville College Initiates Rapid Transfer Process for Students at The College of New Rochelle

In response to The College of New Rochelle's recent statement February 22 that it will likely close in the summer of 2019, Manhattanville College announced plans to support The College of New Rochelle students.


“Manhattanville offers The College of New Rochelle students a smooth and easy transition to a nearby iconic Westchester college,” said Michael Geisler, President of Manhattanville College. “CNR students will find similar values and wonderful resources at Manhattanville and we will do our utmost to ensure a rapid, seamless integration of them into our welcoming community.“


Manhattanville will provide transfer scholarships for CNR students and housing is available for fall 2019/spring 2020 semesters. Manhattanville will host information session days and tours with rapid transfer application processing on  April 18, 2019 from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. on the Manhattanville campus. In addition, Manhattanville will honor CNR student’s current semester bill (spring of 2019 at CNR) and ensure that students’ out of pocket expenses are equal to or less than what students paid in the spring of 2019 at the College of New Rochelle. As a result, transferring students will be able to attend Manhattanville at the same price they were paying at CNR.


“Offering to match cost is a way of helping students make a decision based upon which program is best for their future. Making a transition as a college student can be fraught with challenges, and we have put together a program that will make transferring simple for CNR students and their families,” said Peter Burns, VP for Enrollment Management at Manhattanville College.


“For the  April events we will have shuttle buses between Manhattanville and The College of New Rochelle on April 18 making it convenient for CNR students to visit our nearby campus, meet with a transfer official, tour the campus, meet with student ambassadors,” added Mr. Burns. To get more information and register for the event call or email Ken Scupp at 914-323-5157 or Kenneth.scupp@mville.edu.

“We are committed to enabling CNR students and their families a smooth transition into Manhattanville beginning in fall 2019,” stated Dr. Geisler. “We have a team ready to help manage the transition from CNR to Manhattanville with as little stress as possible. On behalf of the entire Manhattanville community, we are completely committed to settling in CNR students and offering them a new home with mindfulness around their comfort and sense of belonging.”


Manhattanville College has multiple programs in common with CNR including:

• Interdisciplinary Program; Art ; Criminal Justice ;Environmental Studies; Biology ;Chemistry ;English; Business; French; History; Media Arts; Philosophy ; Math; Political Science ; Psychology; Sociology;Spanish; Sports Marketing; Teacher Education/4 + 1 1/2 Programs and 4 + 1 BA/MS in Sports Business and Entertainment might be of interest to CNR students in Sports Marketing.


“Manhattanville is a leader in teacher education offering 60+ specialty areas of study,” continued Dr. Geisler. “We will work with transfer students interested in teacher education to devise a plan that folds into our graduate school and, if possible, integrate each student’s studies from CNR into our 4 + 1 1/2 education programs. With over 800 graduate students studying education at Manhattanville, CNR transfer students will be joining the most established education program in the area.”


Manhattanville College is a small, private liberal arts institution dedicated to academic excellence, purposeful education, and social justice.. Founded in 1841, the College offers more than 90 undergraduate and graduate areas of study in the arts and sciences, education, business, and creative writing, as well as continuing and executive education programs. Graduate students can choose from over 75 graduate and certificate programs. Extracurricular offerings include more than 45 clubs and 20 NCAA Division III teams.


To learn more, visit www.manhattanville.edu.