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May 2018

Fine Arts Student Advances to National PTA Reflections Competition

Harrison High School junior Brianna Martinez received an Award of Excellence from the New York State PTA Reflections initiative for her work titled “Open Hand, Open Mind”.  Her photograph has been submitted to the National PTA Reflections for further judging and recognition.


“When I heard of the PTA “Within Reach” competition, I wanted to create a piece of art that used the human body and paint to convey certain emotions,” said Martinez.  “My photo represents society’s need to be more open-minded, an attainable goal for everyone.”


Ms. Martinez was one of four Harrison High School students who advanced from the local competitions to the New York State PTA competition.


The other Harrison High School students were: Tina Liu, Isabella Lopane and Madelena Tucci.


Ms. Martinez spoke of her artistic process in creating her work. “My process began with covering the model’s hand in a black base and then pouring colorful acrylic paint over her fingers.  I took a close up using umbrella lighting to enhance the features.  Then I made post-production edits to show the juxtaposition of color versus black and white; black and white is what we all see, but the color represents the open-mindedness we can all achieve.”