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February 2018

From the Mayor’s Office and

Town Hall

By Mayor Ron Belmont


t would like to remind residents to use extra precautions in protecting homes from severe weather. There are a number of things you can do to protect pipes from freezing: drain and store hoses; close inside valves that supply outdoor hose bibs and then open hose bibs to allow water to drain; add insulation to attics, basements and crawl spaces; install products made to insulate water pipes, such as “pipe sleeves” or UL-listed “heat tape.” To prevent frozen pipes, let your hot and cold faucets drip overnight and open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to un-insulated pipes under sinks on exterior walls. The water you run doesn’t have to be warm. Even cold water, at a trickle, helps prevent pipes from freezing.


Setting thermostats, at the same temperature day and night, will help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. While avoiding a high heating bill might be tempting, you could be protecting yourself from costly repairs from frozen or burst pipes. If you’re going to be away from home, for an extended period of time, don't lower heat below 55 degrees. Keep your house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside the walls, where the pipes are located, is substantially colder than the walls themselves. A temperature lower than 65 degrees might not keep the inside walls from freezing.


If a trickle of water is coming out of your faucet, a frozen pipe may be to blame. Pipes most susceptible to freezing are against exterior walls or where water enters your home through the foundation. If you’re able to locate the frozen pipe, apply heat using an electric heating pad, an electric hair dryer, a portable space heater or by wrapping pipes with towels soaked in hot water. Be careful with the heat source and don’t use open flame devices such as blowtorches or propane heaters. If you can’t locate the frozen pipe, or if it’s not accessible, call a licensed plumber.


Check all other faucets in your home to see if you have any other frozen pipes. Pipes in colder areas of your home, including the attic, basement and crawl spaces, are the most likely to freeze.


It has come to my attention that coyotes have recently been sighted in town. No person or animal has been harmed by these coyotes but, as a precaution, it is advisable that residents do not leave small children and pets unattended. In most cases, a healthy coyote is afraid of people but police should be called if coyotes are observed out in the open and showing no fear of humans.


Winter weather is upon us and certain weather related parking restrictions may be in effect, as the season unfolds. A declaration of a Snow Emergency allows the Department of Public Works and the Harrison Police Department to restore reasonable flow of traffic, on our municipal roadways, as swiftly as possible. Cars, parked along snow emergency routes, must be moved without delay. Whenever possible, streets will be plowed curb to curb. During snow emergencies, residents will be advised through the Mayor’s robo-call system and Harrison’s web site (www.harrison-ny.gov). The designated emergency snow routes will be listed on the web site. Information will also be carried on our local government channels (channel 75 on Cablevision and channel 1960 on FiOs).


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Westchester County Association’s Annual Breakfast, at the Westchester Marriot, where Westchester County Executive George Latimer discussed his economic vision for 2018, and beyond. He illustrated the need to work together to assist Westchester County residents with health care, education and employment. I look forward to working with other elected officials as we develop a plan to deliver municipal services as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. It was a highly informative event, giving local municipalities an opportunity to hear about and discuss economic trends, for business communities, in the year to come.

 I’m proud to report that the Rye/Town Harrison hockey team won the annual Mayor’s Cup charity hockey game. The Titans beat the White Plains Tigers 4-1 in a thrilling victory. Congratulations to the teams and their coaches for a great game.