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May 2019

Holohan Discusses Proposed LOSAP Program for Harrison Fire Department

By Stephen E. Lipken


Actuary Ed Holohan, President, Penflex, appeared before the Thursday, April 11th Harrison Town Board meeting to discuss a proposed Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) for Harrison Fire Department (HFD), noting that an HFD LOSAP system was disapproved by referendum in 2003.


Holohan said that it is a civil pension program.  “In the West Harrison program, every year going forward a volunteer earns a year of service credit in a point system for attending training courses, drills, calls, meetings, etc., earning a minimum number of points.  They get $30 a month for the rest of their lives, starting at age 62…”


Continuing the Public Hearing for the purpose of determining the amount and extent of real property to be acquired by the Town by condemnation of the parcel on 249 Halstead Avenue, Village Attorney Jonathan Kraut on behalf of Town Attorney’s office reported speaking to attorney Whitney Singleton from Singleton, Davis and Singleton, representing the property owner.


“Mr. Singleton advised that since the last time the subject came up, he is in the process of obtaining an appraisal of the property, and requested that this matter be put over,” Kraut stated.


The Board moved to continue Public Hearing to the Thursday, May 16th   meeting.

Superintendent of Recreation Gary Salvo requested authorization to accept a donation from the Petrillo Family of $15,000 for the Brentwood Fundraiser Project for continuing maintenance by Joseph Bulfamante & Sons, Inc. Landscaping Company.

Police Chief Joseph Yasinski asked approval for a rental agreement with Goosetown Communications, Congers for the installation of a six-site Radio Simulcast System, totaling $389,100, paid over a sixty-month period in monthly installments of $6,485, funded annually by the Police Department Operating Budget.


During Village Business, Belmont requested petitioning the State to reduce the speed limit on Route 127 (Harrison Avenue) from 40 to 30 miles per hour which was approved, with Trustee Stephen Malfitano dissenting.


Next, Commissioner of Public Works Anthony Robinson sought approval for the 2019 Department of Public Works budget to continue pavement rehabilitation program amounting for $2,000,000 as outlined in a Pavement Management study performed in 2015, plus $245,000 in Chips Funding.  A $2,005,000 bond was approved by Roll Call vote.