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September 2019

Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center Elects New Board Member Tamar Sadeh

Tamar Sadeh of Purchase was elected to the Board of Directors of The Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center this past December due to her great commitment to Holocaust remembrance.


Sadeh  is an active member of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center’s (HHREC) GenerationsForward Speakers Bureau. Aside from her work at the HHREC, Ms. Sadeh is Chair of Hadassah's National Attorneys’ Council and a member of Hadassah’s National Board, National Portfolio Council. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Committee’s Westchester/Fairfield Region, Co-Chair of the Campus Committee and the Israel New Perspectives Committee, and a founder of the region’s Leaders for Tomorrow Education and Advocacy program for high school students. She also endows a fund that supports  Yale students travelling to Israel to study and work and a fund that supports Israeli students studying at Yale.


By sharing her family’s Holocaust story, and through her work as a Board member, she hopes to impart the importance of rejecting silence and indifference to combat hatred and injustices. She shares the Center’s mission to teach about Human Rights through the lens of the Holocaust.


The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center’s mission is to enhance the teaching and learning of lessons of Holocaust and the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect.


They encourage students to speak up and act against all forms of bigotry and prejudice.


Some of the programs and initiatives  of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center include:


 A Speakers Bureau, comprised of Holocaust Survivors and Liberators, who through first hand story telling reach over 25,000 students per year;  Provide curriculum with key lessons from the Holocaust for educators to use in fulfilling the NYS mandate, as well as professional development workshops; Free downloads of a Holocaust curriculum to teachers from across the country; Train thousands of Middle and High School students in their Human Rights Institutes; and   Robust programs of Events and Distinguished Lectures.


For more information  contact Millie Jasper at (914) 696-0738,